The Time In Between

by Seedy Players

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Radio Was playing through a window As you watch the world go round, down It never made a sound In action A chemical reaction A sense of satisfaction And now we got to win this war If we find the time We might remind ourselves If we find ourselves Driving in disguise As I stood on the precipice Staring back in time She sang to me Amigo Just blow it out the window Did you see your world blow up? Now go and make a sound If we find the time We might remind ourselves If we find ourselves Standing in the sun As I read from the syllabus And began to expand my mind She sang to me
Penelope relatively seems well But I don't mean to dwell On the day So bourgeoisie As she sips her iced tea But I don't mean to be so cliche But I really want to be with you On impromptu Walks 'round the blocks of Murray Thinking of Penelope Penelope positively seems fine Got moments of screen time At the school In university she studies economy But by now she must think I'm some fool But I'd really like to get to know her See her glow She looks like this girl in my dreams Thinking of Penelope
On the sidewalks Of the city I slipped and fell And felt a swell Of a blood rush to my head And you thought that I was dead In the silence As the sirens Flash their lights Like neon signs In a speak easy saloon Man I hope they get there soon Didn't you know? If the weekend never ended We'd have nowhere else to go I saw those photographs you took Of the view from up above You'd never show On the sidewalks Of the city You showed to me A factory Where the music all got made A momentary masquerade You're a back to back surprise attack You're a running back's asthma attack You were an absent attendee A fucking mid=day mystery Like Cleopatra Of the suburbs The birds will chirp As he usurps All that was left behind for you All that you were born into And you asked me "What would you do if it happened to you" I said "I've never been a rich man I've always been a sports fan I've never owned nothing But I've always done what I can" "So what went wrong?" I went looking for the answers But more questions came along And when I finally thought I knew I had this great and grand breakthrough I'll never know
Julia All you ever wanted was A memory to share A family to care for you Know these words are true I never met anyone quite like you Though I know that you won't even care Julia Did you ever realize? Those moments that you cried He never looked you in the eye Know these words are true I never met anyone quite like you Though I know that you won't even care When you're around I find more inspiration You're like a light that shines from up above With you I seem to find more motivation And when I close my eyes at night You're the only one I'm thinking of Julia What more could I ask for? You got flowers in your hair And this air of laissez faire (about you) I've known it all along So I put it in a song Though I know that you won't even care You fill my mind with so much fascination You always light my life with all your love It makes no sense it defies explanation You illuminate my sky at night Brighter than all of the stars above
Basement pavement Where songs were sung Capos on combos And bongo drums Mistakes, heartaches How the west was won Sounds of soft and sweet Acoustic strums We'd see school kids smoking Blunts by the boulevard We would meet on Ophelia Street I was 20, too With nothing else to do Like tried and true Deja vu Just me and you Like Deja vu Phony pony All the songs are sung Phoned home on my own I'm going (Home)


released June 2, 2017


all rights reserved



Seedy Players Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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